Dottoro Theme provides a flexible environment for creating and displaying popup windows.

The contents of popups can be edited the same way as the contents of pages and posts, and you can also use shortcodes in them. You can set whether a popup window should be modal or modeless, draggable or not and much more.

Example 1

The following button opens a modal popup window. While a modal window is open you cannot interact with the main window.

Open Popup

Example 2

The following button also opens a modal popup window, but clicking outside the popup does not close the window. You should click on the accept button to close it.

Open Popup

Example 3

The following example shows how to pass parameters to a popup. It displays a menu containing external links. Clicking on the external links opens the same popup window but the 'Go Now' button in the popup always points to the target URL of the clicked menu item.

Navigation Bar

Example 4

The next button opens popup that displays a slider. You can use anything in the contents of popups.

Open Popup

Example 5

This button loads an external webpage into a popup. Also try to resize your browser window. You will see that popups are responsive.

Open Popup

Example 6

If you scroll down, then you'll see a popup at the bottom right corner of the page.

Example 7

If you reload the page you should see popups at the top and left sides of the page.