Dottoro Gallery

In WordPress, there is an image gallery to every page and post containing the images uploaded to them. These galleries are unfortunately not very flexible. One image can belong to only one gallery and it is rather difficult to modify the order of images.

This is why we created the Dottoro Gallery. There is a 'Gallery Settings' option box in the theme for every page and post that serves for creating galleries. The Dottoro Gallery is fully customizable, independently from the content of the page or post and from the WordPress gallery of the page. Here you can freely arrange the images and have the option of easily copying the images in the WordPress gallery to the Dottoro Gallery ('Import Images from WordPress Gallery' button).

  • Custom order
  • You can embed all media that are uploaded for other posts also
  • Flash
  • Video
  • Image
  • Remote URL support
  • Custom Size

Available Skins: