Dottoro Gallery attached to the page

Creating a link that opens the Dottoro gallery set on the admin panel of the page
Open Gallery
[dottoro_gallery value="Open Gallery" /]
You can use the ‘for’ attribute to set an HTML element that opens the Dottoro gallery:
Gallery button
[dottoro_gallery for="gallery_button" /]
[button id="gallery_button"]Gallery Button[/button]

Creating a new gallery and using an image that opens it.

[dottoro_gallery href="wardrobe_16.jpg" group="gallery_2" /]
[dottoro_gallery href="autumn-forest.jpg" group="gallery_2" show_hoverelem="true"]
	<img src="autumn-forest-150x150.jpg" width="150px" height="150px" />

Available Skins: