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Navigation Slider Specific Settings

In the Dottoro theme, navigation buttons can be placed in a nested slider that is extremely helpful for a responsive desing and when there are a lot of navigation buttons. You can choose from a couple of slideshow profiles that are designed to navigation sliders and the same options are supported for navigation sliders as for carousel sliders. Although the same options are available for navigation sliders as for carousel sliders, but there are a couple of ones that are designed for navigation sliders.

These are:

  • Change Acitve Slide - Select whether the transition should change the active slide or not.
  • Slide Align - Set the alignment of slides at the end of the transition.
  • Active Slide Position - Specify the zero-based position of the active slide relative to the align of slides.
  • Move Slides - Select which cases the slides should be scrolled. (always, visible, inward)

Navigation Example

If you click on the leftmost or rightmost thumbnail in the navigation slider, the selected thumbnail will be moved to the second position. So you don't need to move the mouse pointer or your finger to go through the slides. Just click always on the leftmost/rightmost one.

Transitions section > Default Transitions > Change Acitve Slide: do not change
Transitions section > Absolute Transitions > Slide Align: scrolling direction
Transitions section > Absolute Transitions > Active Slide Position: 2
Transitions section > Absolute Transitions > Move Slides: inward


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